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Social media is here to stay, and marketers need to take advantage of it if they want to stay in business. You may have your own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest account and may think it is easy for a business to do the same, but it’s much more than just doing it for fun and posting up pictures for businesses. A social media marketing plan needs to be implemented, and every aspect needs to be considered when doing so.

Picture of various social media iconsAngela Stringfellow wrote an article on six steps to creating such a strategy, and although very simple, she gave you the key things to think about when setting up a plan for social media. From knowing your audience and analyzing your competition, to engaging your audience and obsessing over analytics, Ms. Stringfellow’s six steps are a comprehensive list of the crucial aspects of a good and thorough social media plan.

Another article that provides tips on such marketing is by Cindy King titled 16 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros. This goes outside the basics to help your social media plan elevate to new heights. Besides just making social media accounts, she illustrates how hosting social media events, using a live internet broadcast to connect with your audience, and creating loyalty through one-on-one dialogs can all up your game in the social media world. Ms. King, just like Ms. Stringfellow, also advices on using analytics to evaluate users’ behavior on your website. Ms. King, however, discusses specifically Google Analytics.

For a more in depth look at the advice these two writers discuss, click on the links above to reach their respective articles. Social Media has become a staple in marketing products and services, and it’s not leaving anytime soon.

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